Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Introducing SPLASH!

A weekend of workshops and creative conversations
Splash promises to be a Splash of colour, a Splash of inspiration, a Splash of creativity and a weekend of fun.  Hosted by Paper Runway in The Lodge at Atlantic Byron Bay.  This will be the first of its kind to be held at Atlantic.
Basically there is going to be so much creativity and excitement in the air that we are probably going to cause a power outage across the northern rivers. (Please dont blame me, im warning you now arent I?!)

On Saturday the 17th May I will be hosting a special flower bomb workshop at said "SPLASH" convention. 
(I will be staying @ the fabulous Atlantic Byron Bay for the duration of the program, so please tell me if you want to hang!)
And over the other days there will be a bunch of other fantastical mind blowing inspirassi lions hosting other workshops to view the full schedule visit HERE 
Bring your swimmers, bring your goggles. and bring your attention. You are about to get SPLASHed on.
PS> there are only 7 seats left for the flower bombing class so book quickly right now

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Have you been for a visit to The Flower Drum Club Store lately?
It just got a little more excellent because 
If you want this in your house then you will have to snap one up quick smart!
To buy visit 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Keeping up with the Joneses

Apparently its not summer anymore. But I certainly haven't noticed.. Im still swimming, I'm still flipping around in my flip flops and the doona on my bed is just for decoration. ITS NOT AUTUMN!
The sun is still shining - BEAMING even,  and if I'm going to make one complaint - it would be that the sunshine gets in my eyes when I'm trying to do important things like drink margaritas. Oh the drama!

One thing I am looking forward to about the cooler months is DENIM! I have been doing some work for J Brand recently - and one of the perks is that my legs have ended up in J Brand Jeans. BOY - when I first put those on, I realised what the fuss was all about. They're like stretchy and non stretchy and comfy but tight but not too tight. Anyway. 
Lulu asked me to create a window concept for the J Brand Jeans window @ David Jones in Sydney (Elizabeth Street). Somehow we ended up with the VIP window. Makes sense I suppose. 
So we worked on some ideas and the concepts grew and grew and then we pulled it all right back and decided just to make it awesome. And stud the hell out of some golden branches.. 

ps. special thanks to the trumpet playing enthusiast out the front who played his own version of la cucaracha AND happy birthday non stop while we were making, and also thanks very much to the girl who sat and ate a hamburger right in front of the window when we were trying to take photos. Very helpful. Thank you Lulu for having us make something special and thank you renee carey for your special dream catcher and also Caitlin for being my floral styling wingman.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Aleks & Jaimie

I think that Aleks & Jaimie must have really sore faces by the time they go to bed. 
They smile ALL day long. They are just sooooooo happy ALL of the time, so I am going to award them with the happiest people on the planet prize. 
This was the first wedding to kick off 2014 and its definitely a favourite. 
Congratulations Aleks & Jaime!

Ceremony: Palm Beach
Photographer: Ben Adams
Floral sidekicks: Brophy & Hattie

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday Styling // Miss Universe vs The Flower Drum

Imagine being Miss Universe. Its like being Queen of the World but without the responsibility. Ive always thought it would be fun to be Queen of the World, and I could boss people around and get them to bring me cordial whenever I wanted…  but I have enough on my plate as it is for now.

At the end of last year, Sunday Style invited three creative beings to create three collectable Valentines Day covers and I was one of them! 
AND in the process I got to meet in real life Miss Universe / Miss Lovely 
Jen Hawkins. 


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lonely Hearts Club GIVEAWAY


All you have to do is tell me / show me why you should be IN 
the flower drum club and enter via Instagram
Please tag your entry with #theflowerdrumclub & @theflowerdrum

Flower Bomb Over Board with JC Decaux

I must say I was pretty excited when I got a tinkle on the blower from JC Decaux  
(International outdoor advertising giants) asking me to style and flower bomb their annual summer event! We workshopped over a couple of months to get the perfect balance of Nautical vs Glam, dreaming up silver sprayed pineapples, jungle palms & floral banquets… 
It was all fun and games until I found out everything that was going onto The Island had to be transported via water taxi. Instant fun stopper. 

The event was held @ The Island, Sydney. And when I say Island - I mean luxury kick ass amazing pontoon barge thingy filled with delicious drinks and more delicious drinks. And some comfy seats. And yesterday was the day we finally set our sea legs on The Island and began to work our magic on the space (thank you to flower enthusiasts Hattie & Anamai for you assistance)
Palm trees. Flower Bombs. Pineapples. Kilmoters of Rope. Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Buckets of Blooms. Lobster Pots. Ruby Red Grapefruits and Hot Pink Frangipanis.
Check Check Check Check!

Big thanks and lots o love to the team @ The Island & JCDecaux 
(I also just like saying JCDecaux because it makes me sound french!
And I like saying "The Island" because it makes me sound like I have a tan)



Having friends over?

Having friends over? I can help with that!
No - I'm not going to do your cooking… even though I am a super excellent taste maker and I have the pots and pants to prove it! No.. Im talking about creating a table setting. 
You can't be all like paper plates and plastic forks 
when you are inviting your friends over! 

Fellow flower lover, blogger, master of mount cleverest & very important lady @ Freedom  
Miss Lexi burst into the studio recently with the lights, camera, action right up in my face. 
We shot a few how to clips which are making their way up on the line over @ Freedom
I'll probably have my own youtube channel in no time!
Stay tuned for more!  Coming up next - 
!!How to be more hilarious with holly hipwell!!


The Wedding Collective - Stationery

Annnnnnnd to end our week of mood board mania we hear from White than White!

Credits (from top left: 1. via 100 Layer Cake | 2. via Oh Lovely Day | 3. Mark Rothko | 4. via Martha Stewart | 5. via Once Wed | 6. Sycamore Street Press | 7. via Nomuramaya | 8. via 100 Layer Cake | 9. The Weaver House | 10. via Style Me Pretty | 11. via Style Me Pretty | 12. viaJulep | 13. Lovely Little Details

Decorative patterned rugs, hand-painted tiles and the traditional crafts of Morocco combine with strong geometric graphics from the distinctive Navajo textiles to provide the focus for the stationery elements.
A soft, hazy palette of coral and peach blended with an array of aqua tones and highlighted with deep cerise pinks and olives mix well to create an early sunset vibe.
Tropical heraldic crests painted or etched with palms and exotic flowers containing your wedding date or initials work perfectly for your save the dates, and set the tone of whats to follow. Or create your own naive block printed stamp monogram by taking geometric shapes and combining with your initials to be used throughout your stationery from envelopes to cocktail menus.

For the invitation suites, take graphic Navajo elements and shapes and give them a softer edge by blending with watercolour bled techniques. Alternatively, collect old souvenir postcards of your choice or take your own photographs and use these as a backdrop to overprint with solid geometric patterns and text. Add a touch of luxe by printing with metallic or gold foil shapes instead. For envelope linings – marbling techniques in muted pastel tones create a dreamy map like pattern, or for a quirky, fun vibe use colourful hand-painted zebra prints instead. Decorate envelopes with vintage cactus and palm printed stamps or get involved with some good old cut and paste with geometric shapes to mirror those used in your invitation patterns.

The tile influence comes into play with your escort cards by printing names onto small tiles with table numbers displayed beneath. Continue this element through to your table numbers by using mis-matched patterned Moroccan tiles overprinted with colourful or metallic opaque numbers.
Use offcuts of the marbled paper to create hand written name tags at each guest’s place setting. Playfully anchor them with miniature safari animal models sprayed with a metallic gold finish.
Guests are invited to leave well wishes and travel tips for the newlyweds on geometric printed cards, which are then placed in huge sand filled shells.

The Wedding Collective - Flowers


Blooms in every colour of the rainbow from every corner of the earth.
Old English garden roses, orchids flown in from Indonesia and night blooming cerus. Marigolds strung together to create hundreds of meters of garlands and pots of rose petals are simmering away filling the air with sweet syrupy fragrance.

Inspired by the upcoming journey through Morocco, South Africa, Bali & the Navajo Nation the flowers take on a nomadic and organic turn from the traditional wedding flower style. Wild & Unstructured. Loose flower heads are piled up high in abundance, old-fashioned perfume bottles found on previous adventures are filled with hand picked garden blooms and structures are made from existing growth of bougainvillea climbing along the archways. The flowers are everywhere… wrapped around the brides ankles and in her hair, hanging from the trees and clustered on every table, there’s edible flowers in the food and hibiscus infused in the cocktails. At the end of the night every guest takes home armfuls of beautiful blooms so they can continue to enjoy the colour and life of the amazing evening.

Credits: 1. via Wedding Gawker | 2. via Pinterest | 3. Particular Poetry | 4. via Le Decor Que J’adore | 5. The Flower Drum | 6. via Bohemian Sense | 7. Flickr | 8. via The Lane | 9. The Flower Drum | 10. Flirty Fleurs | 11. via Pinterest | 12. via Back Seat Stylers | 13. via Wedding Chicks | 14. Bjorkheim | 15. The Flower Drum

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Wedding Collective - The Decor & Details

We are now half way through the posts from The Wedding Collective project! 
We now hear from Knot & Pop on all things decorations - (oooh I love those hanging lights!!) 
Image credits ~ 
Drawing from the many lands that this couple will visit, we wanted to channel the sense of wanderlust and feature the wealth of local artisans within each country.
A traditional style marquee, sides opened to the elements, and Moroccan lanterns casting a warm glow as if at sunset, sets the scene for the travel loving couple and their adventure ahead. For décor, we looked to Morocco for their tile-tastic finishings that appear as individual drinks coasters along table-tops, or grouped together to form the most visual of table centres. Clusters of potted plants and cacti dress tables, nodding to the arid desert-scapes of both Morocco and the Navajo region, with tapered candles and gold candle-sticks dotted across sociable banquet tables. Rich in texture, rugs line the ceremony aisle and sit beneath the sweet heart table, with lounge areas featuring low level rattan seating, in neutral shades of the purest white and straw, and the quintessential hammock for early morning slumbers. Furthering the sense of local craft that each area is famed for, a backdrop of woven plates from South Africa form the photobooth back-drop with floral Balinese neck garlands, African masks and Indian head-dresses used as props for the fun photos.
Escort cards appear as zebra-like striped feathers, nestled into sand with a small tag with name and table attached to each. Feathers re-appear both as garlands draped across the marquee and as name cards, placed in the centre of Navajo print plates, with later dessert and cake served from banana leaves. For favours, each guest receives an African beaded bracelet placed around a soft grey linen napkin, or an animal ornament of one of the many they’ll see on their travels. The guest book cements the sense of their journey ahead with an antique globe painted, and a calligraphed message for guests to ‘Wish The Couple Well On Their Life-Long Adventure Together’.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Wedding Collective - Belle & Bunty

Part two of The Wedding Collective sees the amazing talents of dream dress designers Belle & Bunty.
Dreamy sunset colours form the palette, with shades of soft coral, cerise pink and dusty orange sitting alongside highlights of turquoise as clear as the ocean. Inspired by a relaxed travelers vibe the Brides look is effortlessly laid back with a nod to Boho.
Two wedding dresses allow the bride to indulge in her love of beautiful fabrics seen in Balinese & Moroccan markets. The daytime dress combines delicate ivory lace with blush silk satin while the evening gown plays on the sunset mood in a shade of coral. A pastel pink feathered cape inspired by exotic African birds adds drama and starts a running “feather” theme with a fun headdress and delicate handcrafted gold earrings adding natural beauty. Shoes that peak out from beneath the hem of the dresses have a fun element of hand crafted gold heels mixed with animal print as seen on African safari’s. On her wrists she wears a layered arm party of bracelets all collected from past explorations and each of which hold memories. Statement rings of turquoise and gold add a splash of vivid colour mimicking intricate Moroccan patterns. Bridesmaids wear carefully selected hues of bold colours from the palette in hot pinks and orangey reds with fun oversize bows.
Glimmering shades of gold like the sunshine give a subtle glimmering natural make up, with gold leaf eyes for added sparkle in the evening to compliment the coral dress. A bright matt coral lip works well with a coordinating bright nail colour for a fresh, new bridal look. Loose waves in the hair give a relaxed, carefree feel with small tribal plaits for a fashionable, boho edge.
Image Credits
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve

I hope you are enjoying this week long mood board extravaganza! Until tomorrow
HH x

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Wedding Collective

Something super exciting happened a little while ago… while scrolling through my many many many unread emails - I stumbled upon a very fun looking message from Knot & Pop and Whiter than White. It was an invitation to become a collaborator…

One theme, four collaborators.

The Wedding Collective is wow wedding dress designers Belle & Bunty, flower goddess (ME!)
 The Flower Drum, design-led wedding blogger Whiter Than White Weddings and Event Designers, Knot & Pop.

The collective have come together to create a series of mood boards, made to showcase the best of a theme and the most creative of wedding concepts.

Taking one theme, and asking each contributor to compile a specific mood board, whether flowers, fashion, decs, or stationery, the end result is a series of mood boards from 4 different talents, each putting their spin and signature style on things.

With a Scene Setting mood board and story collated by Knot & Pop and Whiter Than White Weddings, each of the collective is then left to interpret the theme across their own mood board providing you with lots of interesting and intriguing inspiration to explore.

So what’s the theme?
The scene is set with the couple…
Uber cultured and with a love of travel, the couple have long dreamed of taking a sabbatical from work and what better time than after the wedding when they can embark on the most ultimate of honeymoon’s – a trip Around the World taking in some of their most lust worthy locations.
With this life-long dream that they’re now sharing together, we wanted to theme the wedding based upon this exciting adventure.

Theme: Around The World Wedding

The wanderlust couple has their sights set on lands full of culture, scenic beauty, delicious local foods and endless explorations.
Starting in Morocco where their senses will be set alive with the busy markets - the smell of exotic spices igniting the senses, the Moorish architecture and the beautiful traditional mosaic tiles.   Vibrant colours reminiscent of an African sunset pervade the colour palette as burnt oranges and rich reds mix with golden hues and sea aquas.
From the tip of Africa to the toe, the couple continue to South Africa for a Safari. Their love of animals take them to a park for endangered species, where they stay with the sanctuary in Safari tents under the vast South African sky and stars.
After South Africa a flight to Bali to see the undulating rice paddies of Ubud and relax at a yoga retreat. A time to unwind, Bali will be spent immersed in the unique Balinese local culture and the Hindu rituals. The famed wood carvings and gold and silver crafts on the region will also be sampled, with visits to local artisans to see the hand-crafting.
The final destination will be America to see the sights of the Navajo Nation to see the unparalleled beauty of the region, it’s historical monuments, tribal parks and intricate crafts. The bright light of Los Angeles then beckon, before flying back to England.

Credits: (From top left) 1.Tablescapes | 2. Fairy lights | 3. Floral Motif | 4. Dress | 5. Print | 6. Black/ White Beading | 7. White Garland | 8. Rug | 9. Globe | 10. Spices


Wednesday, January 29, 2014


We shot these photos other day @ LVELAND HQ and I am pretty pleased with myself...
I went whipper snipdog crazy through the gardens of Avalon and now have a beautiful indoor collection of cuttings to take to my new house! I am moving on Monday. 
It will be my 5th house in 12 months. Lets hope I can stay put!
Read more about propagating goodness over here @ LVELAND

Friday, January 17, 2014

Anniversary del awesomeness

I've had these photos sitting on my hard drive for ages. I mean AGES. This wedding happened ONE YEAR AGO - today. And what good are these photos just sitting on my little black box of very important files?
And not only that. THIS IS MY FRIENDS WEDDING. WHAT KIND OF FRIEND AM I? KEEPING ALL THE SPECIALNESS TO MYSELF… On the 17th of January (last year) my beautiful friend Gabby married her New Zealandish boyfriend. I couldn't wear mascara to the wedding because I thought I would be so busy crying and I didn't want to be the crazy girl with black tears rolling down my face. Enough about me...
Gabby and I used to work together, and we didn't like each other. AT ALL. Im pretty sure she tried to get me fired, or maybe I tried to get myself fired by sitting around the corner eating rainbow paddle pops all day long instead of doing the computer thing at my desk. 
Sorry. Im talking about myself again.

Fast forward a couple of months and a few trips to tequila town; Gabby and I became besties. She would drive all the way from freshwater to tamarama to take me to work (because my car was damaged in a smash and dash by a naked drink driver) and we would drive in the bus lane the whole way - like it was no big thing. 

 Fast forward more-I did get fired (just after I'd finished painting my nailz at my desk) and Gabby moved to London or something. 
Fast forward more more. 
Gabby met Andrew. She was drunk and he was from New Zealand. Cute.
And then they got married.  




Happy Anniversary Gabby & Andrew

Wedding Reception @ The Boathouse Palm Beach