Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The Flower Drum meets Feather Drum
via Captain & The Gypsy Kid

I spent a beautiful day with Sheree of Captain and The Gypsy Kid and Kelly of Feather Drum  onset in Palm Beach creating all sorts of floral embellished accessories for two
 very wild childs.
Max & Pania arrived early in the morning as I was crafting flower halos and and twiggy leathered up crowns... I opened the doors of my little Palmy Pocket pop up shop and showed them the props for the day. Magnifico magnolias, old basket back packs filled with wild roses, smoke bush branches, bundles of bananas and leather bound twiggy stix.  We scouted around town in Sherees army truck searching for our tropical oasis. 


Photographer:  Mr Peter Crumpton ( )
Assistant Photographer: Kenyon Batterson (@kenyon_batterson)
Stylist: Captain and the Gypsy Kid (
Florist: The Flower Drum By Holly Hipwell (; @theflowerdrum) 
Models: Pania + Max 
Location: Palm Beach, NSW, Australia


For me the silly season runs long and I like the make the most of it, I usually start with hanging christmas decorations in my car from December 1st, and from there on its just an all out fairy light, tinsel town, big red glittery bow affair.The legendary Mark & Louella Tuckey of MARK TUCKEY invited the cool club of creatives to their Sydney Showroom earlier this month to decorate the shiz out of their iconic tables as part of The Table Top Project . To me… covering those fine pines seems like a crime – but the festivas calls for all out over the top decorations and flowers enmasse. "For my table I used in season favourites – wild field roses, peonies and hydrangeas atop a mirrored runner (used to amplify the florals) and colourful honeycomb lanterns in pop (non Christmassy) colours. I’d also like to congratulate myself for flying those beautiful blue plates down from my mums place in Queensland without breaking them... I needed them because they matched my outfit. Thanks Mum!”
Top of the festivas to you all! Holly x

FLORALS and HONEYCOMB LANTERNS available from The Flower Drum
PHOTOS by Cam Bloom

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blossom Magic

G'Day Blossom! Konichiwa Bithches! 
Meet me down at the Disco Dojo! Wasabi!

 Im pretty pleased at the moment because right now  - 
And as the saying goes 
"When in Rome" - or
"You spin me right round, like a broken record.. baby right round" or
"You rock my socks"
Well whatever it is that I am saying / singing...what I mean is
I CANT GET ENOUGH of these blossoms and I am going to make the most of this amazing season. 
I pledge to love them until every last little bloom has dropped. 
In other news - I got a van! How exciting is that.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

magic dream makers

One of my favourite clients Lulu sent me a fairly tangled request asking for something amazing to go instore @ Come As You Are Boutique Paddington, in preparation / excitement for their event with Free People. When I say tangled - I mean.. it tangled up my brain and I had no idea what she was after and what I was going to to create.
After a few mad professor evenings spent down in the garage ripping up old rugs, spilling glitter everywhere and weaving golden webs, I whipped up these magical dream makers. 
A few days later we were out the back of the store chit chatting and who walks in but our dream girl Abbey Lee. We all passed out with star struckism. 
I think they must really work!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Holly & Kale 4 Ever

Can you handle this? Can you believe this? I pretty much think I can just delete all of the photos on my blog and just have these ones up. No, this is not one of those pretend wedding photo shoots, this is the real deal. A real wedding with real people. Really AMAZING people.. The ceremony was at Lucinda Park in Palm Beach and the Reception was held at Moby Dicks in Whale Beach. It was an honour to create these pieces for their dream day. Congratulations Holly & Kale...what a perfect match.


 Photographs by The Robertsons Wedding Photography