la De da a wedding hooraah!

A couple of photos from Ron & Adelas lovely afternoon garden wedding that i floralized
The bride wanted all gardenias! And that’s what she got. Only after a minor disaster…
We ordered something like 57 bunches, after opening the box and counting 35, I asked the supplier, "why haven’t we got our full order?" to that they responded 
“didn’t have enough”. OK THEN?
After running around the flower market like a crazy lady, screaming out I NEED GARDENIAS we managed to round up enough to do the job right. It was very similar to being at the scene of an accident and yelling out, IS ANYONE A DOCTOR?  Very stressful stuff I tell you!
I don’t have any photos of the table arrangements (yet) 
Here are a couple of happy snaps of the beautiful bride and the most gorgeous flower girl ever. I wanted to steal her but figured her parents might notice that she was missing.
Weddings make me cry, and I hate crying. I suppose crying because you are happy is ok. Crying from chopping up onions, is not ok.
I have some more photos to come from this LOVEly day. Show you soon



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