WARNING this is not flower related

Here are a few images and clips from a campaign I worked on back in 2008, or was it early 2009? What year is it now? When are the cyborgs coming to get us? Was it before the GFC came along and scared everyone into saving their hard earned pennies, gone with the days of spending cash like its on fire in your hot little hands. BTW aussie dollar is totally raging right now, so lets get on shopbob.com and spend all our money on new clogs. (sorry for accidental tangent) ((GFC is over as far as im aware)) (((GFC stands for global financial crisis, not grand fort-building contest)))
Hmm... Well It was definitely after the great banana drought of 2006 thats for sure.
ANYWAY, let me interrupt myself. 
These clips are from Insights Dopamine women's campaign.  All I can tell you about this top secret location is that it has mandatory stops at mc donalds drive thru for early early morning breakfast… im talking so early, one time breakfast hadn’t even started yet and I had to get a cheeseburger. Early.
Concept – Steve & George Gorrow
Creative Direction – Jay Quirk
Producer – Dopamine Jo Ryan & Holly Hipwell ; Dopamine II Holly Hipwell 
Styling – Natalie Wood & Holly Hipwell 
Location – Cant tell

Did I ever tell you that I am Holly Hipwell...yeah me, i did all this stuff!


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