Tuesday, October 12, 2010

inspector gidget

If you think your second cousins sister is funny looking, check this out! 
Comfortably nestled among a bucket of petals I found this double whammy rose. 
I pulled it out of the bucket and closely inspected it, not unlike the way you look through the crack in a piggy bank to see if there is enough money in there to buy a coffee. 
You know, really close up, with one eye closed so the other eye has extra inspecting power.
No one really seemed to think it was a big deal, so much so, that the market lady just told me I could have this mongoloid flower, she was like… “yeah its fairly uncommon.”
Oh yeah, fairly uncommon is it? I bought another 3 bunches of roses, and low and behold… another conjoined twin. Mylee, pass me the scalpel!

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

ps, thank you mylee for carrying exhibit A around very carefully. 


  1. ps sooooooooo jealous
    when i get home willyou be at the airport with a bunch of poppies?!?!?!
    well, will you!!!

  2. Ill be there scattering rose petals all around the arrivals. and and and maybe ill get one of those big balloons that have teddy bears on them, you know those real dorky ones... and ill probs get you some hashbrowns from mc donalds too.