Sunday, October 24, 2010

starring chevy chase

The flower markets are a funny old place, its kinda cold, its really busy, security gaurds bust out in opera tune, you know, no big deal pavaoritti.  The other dayMylee got in an argument with a heavy duty bargainer, which resulted her being rewarded with 
free poppies. It went something like this- 
The scenario included 3 people, Heavy Duty Bargainer (HDB) Mylee (stars as her self) Flower Man (played by Chevy Chase)
HDB : Give me these for cheaper
Chevy Chase: No, they are already cheap, this pretty girl over here, she paid and didn’t try and bargain me down, already $2 a bunch!
HDB: Well I have a family, I need a bargain, she doenst have kids, give me special price!
Mylee leaps to her own defence - I DO TOO HAVE A FAMILY!
Chevy Chase gives HDB a mean look and rewards mylee with an extra bunch of poppies because she is pretty and nice.
The end

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