Wednesday, November 17, 2010

coming soon.

Here are a couple of behind the schemes sneak peakers from my latest project.
I will be proving captions with each image so you feel like you know whats going on.

I went for a drive really early to this place. For the uninitiated, this is the fruit and flower market. Its sort of near NOTHING and very far away. There are NO road rules around here. Dudes fly around in forklifts in reverse whilst texting on their mobile phones, and you HAVE to give way to them (no, that’s not a road rule, that’s a survival skill)

While you are out here, you can get a KEBAB. For reals.

I bought all of these… for you. I know, I shouldn’t have.

I filled my dress up. By the way it looks like i have a scab on my knee, YUCk! Its actually paint alright?

And started making some coolness

You cant tell here, but im actually swearing a lot about the fact that the same fricken colour flippin flowers cannot touch each other.

In between all of this, I went to the tip and the hardware store, but I forgot to take photos, so you will just have to use your imagination. But, IT happened.
Stay tuned for the absolute grandiness
Im yet to see the photos myself, so until then, im not even sure if it really happened?

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