Guest Editor - Rocky River Wright

hi, my name is rocky river and i am about 2 and a half. due to popular demand, holly asked me to guest post on the flower drum. i am really stoked because i love computing, but i was running out of things to look up in wikipedia. this me in the photo on the left wearing a flower crown and eating an egg (can you believe this is my passport photo!) i would say about 65 % of the day i am wearing some kind of headwear, usually its a bucket or a helmet, but sometimes flowers are ok. Sometimes. Now, dont get me wrong, i like flowers just as much as the next guy. But seriously, holly comes over with bucket loads of flowers and just makes a mess everywhere. Her and my mum are just flower crazy. They can sit there all day talking about flowers. I mean, are you kidding? i could talk about buzz light year all day, but FLOWERS? REALLY? My dad thinks they are craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy

here i am helping holly build her structure, i gave her that small paint brush because she had NO idea what she was doing.
 heres the structure before I knocked it over, im not supposed to show you this yet, ohhh welll
jazz it up! ha ha get it?
alright, things are getting weird in here. 
1. who let the tiger inside
2. why am I wearing a bloody onezie
Thats a wrap from me, stay tuned green thumbs!  
Peach out, Rocky. 


  1. I hear ya Rocky River
    It's Wilf n Gale here my mum calls me Pop. That's another story.
    i'm 2 too. i reckon you're right flowers are ok. my mum makes me sneak into people's gardens and pick them or things my dad says are weeds but mum says are beautiful. i'm not sure you're supposed to do this?
    i have a vegie garden and sometimes even eat my corn raw, you look like you would be a good waterer. bye


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