Friday, November 26, 2010

return of the flower bombs

Ahhhhhhhhh the flower bucket girls have a surprise for you!!!
Unlock your doors, get the house looking tidy, sweep the crumbs under the rug, get the broccoli out from in-between your teeth ! 
We have a present to give you!! This is part one of the flower bomb structure, you are just going to have to sit tight in those stripey shorts of yours for part  two!!
Get ready, we are on the way to YOUR HOUSE*
*When I say your house, I actually mean your computer, and when I say on the way, 
we are already here, frantically ringing the door bell.

 Have you ever tried to hitch a ride with a plank of wood and 5 flower bombs?

Holly: Whats the address again? I thought it was flowerdrum road, flowerdrumville?
Mylee: No, no its flowerbucket street, flowertrumpet town.

Thank you saresy for being a master photo taker and traffic deathdifyer

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