right brain left brian?

It is scientifically proven (by me) that wearing flowers in your hair makes you smarter.
I am encouraging left brain use by wearing nice smelling boronia on that same side. 
This infact opens up the left nostril hole, allowing more oxygen to enter the left side of the brain. 
FACT. I am smarter today and I will be so busy utilizing my left brain functions.

you can do this brain test if you want- BRAIN TEST so you can work out what side to wear 
your flowers on


  1. you can borrow it when you come to visit. i think you will like it.

  2. Love flowers in the hair! Looks so pretty. Visiting from designsponge.

  3. So, I did the test, and i'm a right brainer... but I don't get it lol... is one better than the other???

    Also love your blog, stumbled upon it and have been checking it a few times a week ever since! xox

  4. hey felicite! thanks for visiting! maybe both sides of your brain work fantastically so you can just wear flowers as decoration!

  5. not only as a decoration, but also it can improve it, don't you agree with me the flower drum :) ?

  6. always almost all the time I agree with you!


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