ring ding ding! boronia please!

Holly: What about these?
Mylee: No, i want something that smells nice
Just at that moment my eyes spotted one of my most faaaaavourite flower items ever.
BORONIA, from the Tribe Boronieae. These guys smell so nice you just want to rub them all over your face and your friends faces too.  They are practically limited edition, so go out and grab some right now, otherwise you will have to wait till next year. Yep you heard me, next year. 

 Also, please look at my donkey, her name is lola, as in - "she was a showgirl. 
With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there. She would merengue and do the cha-cha." You know, the song. 
Its by Annie Wright hyphen Z-wad aka Tubarosa


  1. hmhmm i cant tell if ive hung the picture up crooked, or maybe the wall is a bit off. im looking at it in real life right now. its not crooked. whats going on!

  2. oh i love this so much in my heart
    "please look at my donkey"
    haha xx

  3. dear holly can we please go get these limited editions this saturday? from celeste

  4. most certainly. ive got a meeting on sat so we will go eaaaaaaarllly. i hope they will have some. but im worried they may not. they dont really like it in november.


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