Cherry Blossom

The other day i made a purchase so big that it made me worried.
I purchased some gigantic birds of paradise flowers. By the time I got home i was in a complete frenzy. "where the hell am i going to put these things? I dont even know what to do." I'd really bitten off more than I could chew, it was grinding my gears, totally burning my coffee you know?!  During ocean care day day, I ran into Cathy and told her about my catastrophe. She said super casually, oh yes strelitzia nicolai they are goooouuuurgeous. Instantly I knew that these humangasaurus strelitzia nicolai's did not belong to me. The belonged to Cathy.
Here they are in their new home-  Cherry Blossom (Cathys shop)
Cherry Blossom is the coolest shop in the southern hemisphere. I can safely say it is definitely the coolest because I have been to every store on the south side of the planet. 

1186 Pittwater Rd, NarrabeenNSW AUSTRALIA. Get in your helicopter and check it out. 


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