Horty Culture 101

Shamefully, I didn't visit the flower markets this weekend. And I was walking around kicking rocks and looking at frocks all the while feeling desperately unfulfilled... I called mylee and said, "lets hit the Narrabeen markets." She said "which ones" and i replied, "you know, the crap ones... i want to buy some plants!!" When I arrived, I looked around and thought cheez wizz, where is everyone? Where is everyone? AT HOME MAYBE? 
The markets weren't even on. derrrr
So we decided on an impromptu excursion to the nursery. Backpacks packed with wrapped up lunches, notebooks in hand and pens behind the ear, a quick roll call, and vroom vroom we were off. We walked in, and instantly wanted to buy one of everything in each colour and every size. Cathy gave us a guided tour, we sniffed the plumeria's, poked fun at the bromeliads, made banana bread from banana leaves and passed out under the palms.
You must be this tall to go on the baby panda ride
Patting the dwarf bamboo. Yes, it feels very nice. Its also our new botanical club plant of the month.
Rocky Road having a chat with the buddha 
Our purchases. Just to give you an idea of how big these plants are, we put a real life elephant in there. Conversion, metric system. Centimeters meters kilometers meet the golden ratio.


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