Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my new friends

i thought you might like to check out some of my mates from the flower markets
Below we have Gus (thats not his real name, he never told me, so i made it up)
He tried to tell me that the plant in his hand was called a pepperoni plant. 
I said, "hey for real? like salami?" and he said "yeah!" Im pretty sure he was pulling my leg 
and im also pretty sure hes sponsored by adidas.

This is fernando, hes the MAN!

This guy just has cool stuff, he looks like a JERRY

And this guy got so jealous because i took a photo of Mr Pepperoni, so i had to take his photo also. He looks very neat. 


  1. i think you sholda given them flower headpieces to wear in the pix!

  2. ha! great idea... maybe this week i will!