Monday, January 31, 2011


This video applies to all secret admirers, stalkers and long term lovers.
GET ON THE PHONE RIGHT NOW! We are now taking orders for the big day of loooooove. 
If you dont order today, you will get totally dumped. FACT
If you aren't a secret admirer, a stalker or a long term lover and you hate valentines day...  
Order some flowers for yourself and pretend they are from that cute person that picks their   nose on the bus. 
PHONE: 0412141129 or email

Untitled from the dope city on Vimeo.

FINE PRINT- If you want to go into the running to win (jackpot) some valentines day flowers then comment below. FINER PRINT it would be really excellent if you lived in sydney, because maybe if i have to drive / canoe to your penthouse in new york, the flowers might (will) die a little bit.


  1. Bangin video guys! Been following your blog for a while now...
    Valentines day flowers would be the bees knees (or even just a flower crown).
    Would they make it down to melbourne?

  2. maybe i need some flowers to give to my wife, she likes them and that and i like live in sydney and mad stuff like that man...

  3. im not commenting cos i hafta win flowers (as i also live in rainy melbourne) i just wanna say this is my new favorite blog ever of all time. i love flowers, and videos and this blog. my favorite.

  4. I love your blog, I'm a flower enthusiast too! Unfortunately I'm an Italian living in New York (no penthouse, just a railroad in Brooklyn) so I guess no flowers for me...

  5. PS - I'm a just a character invented by an over-hyped american beat novelist, so I shouldn't be put in the running for your contest. But I still think ya'll are wonderful, your beauty makes my heart skip a beat.. aloha,

  6. sal paradise: YOU ARE SO MYSTERIOUS!! WHO ARE YOU!

  7. alainnah - we could Trrrrrrry and post a flower crown, let me devise a plan!!

  8. ooo that would be amazing! plan away :))))

  9. I slipped you up on my blog dancer. Send yourself some flowers from me and the dude ranch.
    Yours truly

  10. I'm doing a short floristry course at the moment and loving every second.
    So I probably don't need anymore flowers wait strike that!. Reverse it.
    You can never have to many flowers.

    P.s I live an hour away from sydney!

  11. Alas, i live in Melbourne, which isn't really majorly far away in the grand scheme of worldly things.
    I love your work - it made my morning to look at your blog. You guys are très deluxe.

  12. i mad about roses (you can ask anyone who knows me)and mad crazy about what you do..........i want to win a flowerbomb for V day as alas no-one will be sending me any pretty girls are the (flower) bomb! and loved your video song with Ozzie.............LOVE ELISE X

  13. Hello young flower lady,x
    here is why I think it'd be really special if you prepared my lover flowers for valentines day.
    a) i looked at your blog every week even when there were no postings (this went on for about a month or more)-which means i must be your longest fan. Right???
    b) i've been so inspired by your flowers that i made wreaths for mine, and all my friends on new years eve when we went camping(i even found 2 paper daisies to go in amongst the gum leaves.)any praise i got, i mentioned it was all you!
    c) my one peices are all about flowers!
    d) this is the first time i've been brave enough to comment on your blog
    e) it is also the first time ive been brave enough to celebrate valentines day with Murray, and he deserves the BEST which is what you do.
    so to reward my bravery and Murray's amazing patience please please can we give him something very special?

  14. Hi Girls,

    love all the beautiful flowers, fingers crossed here for your flower jackpot bonanza!! Got someone in mind in the Sydney who would adore them.


    ps going to try one of those wonderful flower bombs soon too!!

  15. What beautiful, feminine flower creations. I love your gorgeous bombs. I once got a polka-dotted box of Gerberas for Valentines...blaaagh! Still...gotta give him 10 points for trying.

    PS. Mylee, Where oh where did you get your gorgeous yellow and blue maxi dress and that amazing skirt from your Feb 6 post? I'm a little bit fashion crazy and love your style!

    Well done girls, great business. Wish you all the best,

  16. Your love bombs a blast-
    Am i falling too fast?
    Will my heart explode?
    Will this love affair last?

    And I thought romance was dead and gone,
    but the new romantics live on and on.
    they're banging a drum, n singing a song
    cutting up flowers to make love bombs.

    St Val and I didn't speak for years,
    But now I'm inspired to watch "Breakfast at Tiffs"
    Flowers you say, well that would be nice-
    But so would friends and champers on ice.

    Love your work


  17. HOORAY to you for making such delicious looking bombs!

  18. well done Rosie.......your post was so beautiful.....happy valentines to you!