Rosie Rose and her flowerdrum pose-y

Well, I had the pleasure of meeting and gifting rosie rose with her jackpot handful of posey roses. After about an hour of non stop chatting, some how she told me that she found a rat in her draw, and it had such good manners that she decided it must have been someones pet. So as you do, she put up flyers all about town so that missing rattus could be returned to his home, whilst sticky taping the poster she saw good ol "one eye"the neighbourhood cat. She yelled out, "hey one eye, you hungry?" MEOW. (That means yes) 
She took one eye home, popped him infront of rattus, and they just stared at each other. She basically had to tell one eye that rattus was lunch. With a quick swipe one eye whisked rattus out the door. I'm assuming one eye knew where rattus lived?
Now before you think, wow, that was weird. We talked about extra normal stuff too. Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike
*Her one day a week job is at the amazing Bromley Arcade - Increase your situational awareness HERE
*How theres no bizness like show business - shes a cabaret performer
* The fact that I need to go to India

She also left me incharge of the gallery for about 10 minutes while she whipped off to get us some coffees. At one stage I thought she'd done a runner and I freaking out because I didnt know where the eftpos machine was. 

The flowerdrums new BFF with her jackpot


  1. That's my girl!!
    Her very loving Mama

  2. Holly,
    Happy Valentines x
    Thank you for your fine company yesterday & sublime posy of roses- it was totally like a blind date (thankfully not a "One Eyed").
    I counted 70 OMG, the scent is heavenly, I'm high on cake and flowers.
    BTW- my first Valentines message was from my Mum, I see she's posted a comment here also, thanks mum- you're a catch!

    Come visit again

    X Rosie Rose x

  3. Hi
    I was wondering if you do weddings?
    Silly question i know but i am very interested in the handmade hanging things and i love the bunch of flowers in these pictures!!
    Please let me know

    thank you kindly


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