Monday, February 28, 2011

Special Derivery

I got totally snaparazzi'd while peddling my wheels of steel on saturday. I was off on a flower delivery to gift my all time favourite neighbours - marcie, gina & lily... It was a 
"Im moving house today and i love you guys very much" arrangement..Turns out, they werent even home... bah humbug! So i just stuck the'flowers in their front gate and crossed my fingers that some hansome harry or lonesome larry wouldn't steal them. 

Í should have been packing boxes instead of doing wheelies on my bike, but you know me... I like to do 50 things at once. Later on I ate a hamburger while vacuuming and devising a pyramid scheme. multi tasking at its finest. 


  1. MY BIKE! dont wheelie it hippy or i'll punch you in the flower drum.

  2. hahahhaha!!! these pics are so funny! I love them. I feel like you are being filmed fast forward, like fatty and skinny movies with no sound and it makes me giggle heaps... like maybe a builder carrying a bit of long wood is about to swing around and you'll have grabbed your shoe and bent down just in time to miss being whacked! like that.