Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deadly Daily - The flower bucket


Holly from the flower drum never says anyone’s name in real life. Never. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been friends with her for a day or a year. She doesn’t say “Hello Killer” or “Hello Annie and Jonathan” or “Hello Phil from Grinspoon”. I don’t think she even says “Hello Mum”. She just says “Hello.” And because she’s awesome she gets away with it. If I don’t say someone’s name I instantly feel like they think I don’t know their name. And when that happens I know I’ll be moving in for a really awkward hug or really shitty handshake because they’re not thinking about hugging and shaking, they’re thinking about whether I know their name or not, and I’m thinking about them thinking about THAT. Homeboy. 

Vaughan Deadly thought my blog was called the flower bucket. He also has his own blog which has more followers than posts. thats means its really good. which it is. and im just saying that because im on it.