Tuesday, March 15, 2011

dharma bums

Some friends are joint at the hip. nope not me and mylee, we are joint at the hair!

Thats how we share our ideas. It follows the same theory of traveling electricity. 
Get out your bunsen burners, your incubators, and your derk nord glasses, im about to get sciency up in this drum.
When you have a good idea, i mean, a really good idea, the idea actually travels from your brain, escapes through the scalp and down the hair follicle and into the troposphere. Thats why sometimes you think someone stole your idea. They didnt, you let it escape!

 Now when you are joined up to a receptive device (your friend) by your hair (the conductor) it enables them to receive your brain wave very quickly. HIGH VOLTAGE!!  
We usually find that when we wear our favourite myPetsQuare clothes, combined with floral thinking caps our great ideas get a lot greater.  They really are the thinking clothes of the future. so to break it down - J =\sigma E + D q \nabla n , 
got it? we on the same frequency?

right here, this is it, you can see the ideas exploding out of my mind and through the hair! 
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myPetsQuare x the flowerdrum = brainiacmaniacs
photo documentationary = Cloudy Rhodes

ps. have you ever noticed that some of the smartest people who have ever existed in the world have crazy hair, or no hair at all? ie, einstein, your college professor... its because they weren't linked up to anyone and their ideas short circuited the follicles

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