Saturday, March 19, 2011

FAFA crisis

Ok, I dont want you to get your clogs in a jam, but I have just heard rumours of a potential 
Yes, the government are really being a bunch of prickly thorns this week, with plans of banning plants that can be used to make illegal drugs. And im not just talking about you know what. They want to prohibit the sale of leopard trees, angel's trumpet, the common cactus and a large number of wattles, but thats not all... Hundreds of plants, or should i say, criminals are under siege...
Will the black market value of these creatures rise? Will people have secret gardens, within their gardens so they can privately enjoy their gossamer wattle? Will the community of gardeners go and get high from their angels' trumpet collection before they are forced to kill them? If we can not grow these plants, does that mean that they become endangered species? Will your grandma be shipped off to jail for being a drug traficker just because shes growing a couple of Cactaceae

cactus- contains mescaline a naturally occurring psychedelic alkaloid discovered by dan akroyd
Fall asleep under these, and you may never wake up. Apparently

Golden Wattle-
Are we going to make australia's national flower

If they are allowed to create these laws, then I wish to create a law of my own. HELLO government representatives, please stop getting dressed in the dark, your outfits hurt my eyes.

this is holly hipwell, chief flower enthusiast reporting for the viewers of the flower drum.


  1. bugger i'm in big trouble

  2. I believe Julia Gillard should be the first arrested under your new law for her repeat unflattering white blazer offences!! As long as she dons the jacket I shall grow the cactus! Power to the plant people.