Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lola likes imported-

Lola loves roses! look at her whiffa sniffing away.
They are columbian roses to be specific.
Did you know that they are actually FROM columbia?

AND did you know, that in the time it takes you to make and shake and bake a cake, these roses are cut and on the plane on the way to australia. Yep, within two hours the roses are cut and packed and sitting with their boarding passes in first class. 
Its literally less than 24 hours from Pablo Escobars hands to yours

Speaking of party animals, i realised yesterday that the flower markets are not unlike the discoteque. Dudes all about the place smashing ciggies, drinking beers, singing out of tune...and being ever so charming.
ie. hey flower girl, i liiiiiiyke your leiigs


  1. Beautiful photos on your site! It's lovely to 'meet' another aussie blogger {my blog recently moved to Brisbane, so I'm out meeting the neighbours!}
    Have a lovely week,

    Catherine at The Spring

  2. welcome to the neighbourhood catherine! feel free to pop over if you need to borrow some milk, or sugar... or FLOWERS!

  3. These are the most gorgeous roses i have seen!!! are they still in season? i LOVE your blog you make my day! and it was amazing to see you in the sydmag...go YOU!!! BOMBS AWAY!!! X X X