Thursday, March 10, 2011

methi man

This guy swindled me out of a two dollar purchase! someone call the petal police!
You see, i payed my two dollars, and as i went to pick up my flowers out of the bucket, my eyes were drawn to the plastic tub full of green stuff.
"Hey man, whats in the tub?"    "Methi" he replied.
Like i was supposed to know what that was.
He told me about the miracles of methi and instantly i wanted to hand over every dollar in my front and back pockets, my bank details, credit cards and my car keys in exchange for just a single bunch.          SIGN ME UP i screamed.
After I paid for it, he told me that my skin would end up smelling a bit weird if i ate it.
And as I was driving home, i realised he totally scallywaged me out of my initial purchase.
LOOK OUT "insert your name here" I am coming to claim whats mine- this saturday.

methi follow up. no signs of miracles just yet, this could be due to the fact that I haven't taken it out of the fridge since i bought it. i have thought about it. think methi miracle thoughts


  1. Great way to start my day. Can you smoke methi whilst watching Bio-Dome? CCCChhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuu loooooooosssssssseeeeeee tttthhhheeeeeeeeee MEEETTTTHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII AHaheiaheaihahiaih

  2. how will you tell if the methi is making you smelly when your so smelly already? ha haaas. please eat it, get your stink on.

  3. chimmy, you are lucky you are in LA otherwise i would kick your ass for making fun of my scent. ill eat it so when you get back you can inspect.
    Chalmers- CHuuuu Looose the pillow

  4. As you haven't told us what the wonderful benefits of methi is I am now going to have to google it, ta, Holly.

  5. Isn't methi just fenugreek - an indian / paki herb?