Tuesday, March 1, 2011

say it with flowers...

Shield your eyes if you are sensitive to bad language and  magnificent awesomeness.
I was invited to create an installation to sit along side other razzy dazzy sculptures by 
simone decker, george gorrowstevie gorrow  knitta pleaserad danfraser the amazer and madsaki for the "untitled" launch.  Everyone was at the party. 
Me, mylee & the mopheads, dion & anna, mike jennings & erin wasson.  you know, the usual.
The best part of the night was when 2 members of my fan club came up to me to announce their love of the flower drum. The second best part was when i sat next to stevie g, i love him. The third best part was dans hair cut booth.

everyone queuing and waiting for their worlds to be un bip bipped

it took 49 hot glue gun sticks, 345 ivy vine leaves and close to a billion flowers to make this
Mylee and the Mopheads
photos by ash mccan't, FOLKE, Cloudy Rhodes & hobo gestapo

im really sorry if you dont like swearing. you wont see it here on the flowerdrum often. 
if you do like swearing, call my dad. you will learn all sorts of bad words you never even knew existed 
and if he doesnt answer, you can call my mum, she knows some bad ones too.


  1. You girls are actually hilarious. And I have no problem with bad words when they look so beautiful.

  2. xx thank you oscar and ruby! glad you think we are funny. my brother thinks he is funnier than me. but he doesnt have a blog so the world will never know! xxx

  3. haha. Sucks to be him them. Blogs are great, thanks for visiting mine! (jess)

  4. your gonna be in trouble when the glam gal from the gold coast reads this miss holly