Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FAFA family tree

FAFA - Flora And Fauna Anonymous / Flora And Fauna Addicts pt 4
I was on the phone to my dad today and he said. Im just sitting in the garden and there is a duck hurtling towards me and i think its going to nip me on the leg. And I said, what garden? and he said THE garden, your garden. Confused, I thought, MY garden? So i said "what?" And he said I'm in your great great grandfathers garden, which is also your garden. Something in my brain tingled, I felt I knew what he was talking about but I didn't know any of the W's  (who, what, where, why)

My great great grandfather George Francis (who is so old that they only have paintings of him on the interweb, no photos) was the first director of the Adelaide Botanical gardens. After my dad explained that to me, I felt annoyed because I actually knew about this the whole time and I just forgot.
He also was the editor of the journal "Science and Art" which I believe is to be the 18th century form of blogging. So we are samies. I will award him with this months FAFA award. And as he can not make it today, due to the fact that he died in 1865, I will accept the award on his behalf.
Adelaide Botanical Gardens Greenhouse. Circa ages ago

He also has a native australian plant named after him - 
Hakea francisiana

Derivation of Name:
Hakea...after Baron Christian Ludwig von Hake, a patron of botany.
francisiana... after George Francis, a Director of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. (aka FAFA the great)

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  1. Holly, that's a very interesting story, I'm just sorry I can't claim to be from that side of the family.
    spooky about your Mother's day wish