Monday, April 4, 2011

fully for serious addicted

heaven on earth has been located! its just next to the sea plane place at palm beach.
this place makes you want to wear a sweater over your shoulders and knot it at the front. it makes you want to quit your job and be rich. it makes you wish your name were esmerelda. the indoors feel like out doors, and the out doors make you feel bad for not devoting your entire life to casual gardening. the boat house is literally the bee sneeze and i think we should have a flower drum FAFA meeting there. are you coming??


they also make kick ass iced coffee
i am going to try everything on the menu
and then im going to staplegun myself to the awning and never leave!


  1. Ha! We've been staplegunned there for a while
    (and I'd like to join FAFA, especially since it sounds a bit like faff (verb: to muck about, wasting time doing something not necessary).

  2. Oooooh went there a coupla weeks back! I can only assume you're still working on staples large enough to stick a small human to an awning.
    Will look out for you next time.
    FAAAAB blog.

  3. Denmo and I want to be staplegunned there too. it may have to be staplecannoned to hold us.
    look forward to seeing you there.