Monday, April 25, 2011

hecorama flower mania!

Dont leave your trolley unattended!

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some days the flower markets are bizzier than a strip bar in kings cross at 4 am on a saturday morning. sometimes i think the flower market shoppers are still drunk, slippin around on slippery surfaces and yelling out CRAZY DAISY. I bet the growers think im still drunk when I go, Im usually dressed in something rediculous (ie leopard print jeans, stripe jumper and polka dot socks with sandals) and my hair is standing up on end like ive been electrocuted by an underwater electric fence. but they always smile and seem happy to see me. I think its because I brush my teeth before I leave for the market, I have become aware that a lot of people do not. however, I don't think i'd talk to me...I think I look about as fresh as a dead daisy that early in the morning 


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