Friday, April 29, 2011

royal disaster

Alright Kate. you owe me. You made me stay home and wait to see your dress and flowers. But really, you have let me down. No flower crown? Cartier tiara... pfft! 
Where were Pippas flowers ? Oh thats right, she was too busy holding up your dress, is that why you didnt give her flowers? Hmm?
To be fair, you get an A+ for your gown. And if you were coming over to my house for afternoon tea and you presented me with that posey full of ivy, hyacinth, myrtle, sweet william and lily of the valley I would be reasonably grateful. But for today? You are just lucky that you backed that performance up with some cool aeroplanes and also the fact that all the seasonal plants and flowers used in the ceremony will now be replanted in hugh grants front yard

1 comment:

  1. the dress was gorgeous wasn't it and I thought the posie was lovely. also Pippa had to hold the children's hands silly, where was she going to put her posie, ????? !! the aeroplanes were cool and I would have loved to have heard all the jingling and jangling of the horses hardware and hooves etc. would've been great. Oakleigh is stunning today, picked some ginger flowers and looked at my silver birches which are turning, gorgeous. xxx Adis