Wednesday, June 8, 2011

i love creedence clearwater revival

This could very well be the last outdoorsy installationy type activity I involve myself in for the next little while. Im talking on Mylees behalf too. You see it is absolute vodka freezing. I just want to cover my self in socks and polar bears. Im too tall to dress like an eskimo so, I want to fashion a little flower tool belt that has room for a hair dryer, so when I feel a chill I can just whip out the VS Sassoon and blow dry my legs warm. Anywhiz Fiz, I have this great new thing on my iphone called And thats how I took this photo. So if you too have, look me up and you can see all the COOL stuff happening instantly. If you don't have please can you knit me a nice cosy jumper. theflowerdrum 

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