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I went to the most amazing wedding on the weekend. Was it the mini bus ride that made it so enjoyable, was it the light shining from the sun giving everyone a cybil shephard glow and the gentle sound of ukuleles playing in the background, was it the fact that I got the lamb instead of the fish or that I realised I quite like champagne all of a sudden... 
I dont know. But it was THE BEST. Liv & Pete tied the knot with such record speed that the contestants of the amazing race could only dream of beating, yet every detail and every single thing about this wedding was so beautiful.  thank you for having me  x

flowers by / the flower drum 


  1. Preeeeeeeetty!!
    Also pretty Banner too!

  2. beautiful photos, and gorgeoous flowers and a knockout dress and earrings. are you sure they're real people???? xxx adis

  3. Sticking your nose in Jesus's ear is sacradelicious!


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