hamish & kristy

If you are a guy and you want to get married, then I would have suggested you marry Kristy. Not only is she very pretty and funny and very very organised, but she has connections! Flower connections! Her uncle is the grower of most of the beautiful natives pictured in this 100 kilo bouquet of goodness. Well you have missed out. Hamish* snapped her up and they were married earlier this year at lovedale. (its a real place, its lovely) 
* Hamish is very pretty and funny and organised also.

Bridal party bouquets by The Flower Drum and flowers for the reception & ceremony were made extra special with the help from Hamish & Kristys wonderful family. 

Bride & Brides babes
oh my god, i cant stop looking at it! HOW GOOD ARE NATIVES?!

my bouquets float in mid air! 

Lucky fella Christian (who makes the best fish tacos in the whole world) caught the bouquet*, and now he and brent from the dandy warhols will get married. How nice.  *No he didnt.


  1. So, I have a wedding on Sunday. The bride and groom? Christie and Hamish. Amazing. Your Kristy and Hamish look like they had fun with your bouquets! I hope my Christie and Hamish have a fab wedding day too.

  2. NO! WAY! spoooky coincidence indeedy! I hope they do to! x

  3. Holly, that bouquet is amazing. just glorious and the simplicity of the bridesmaids is wonderful - and they float, chow hool. (or how cool).
    x adis


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