xochimilco magico

Chimmy changa'luuula hit off to meHico a little while back. And only just TODAY, 
only RIGHT now did she show me her photos. And only just THEN did I peel myself off from the floor where I had passed out from all of the amaze'dness
She boarded one of these cutie pie boats as pictured below and drifted down the river to be capt'eye'vated by the sights. I love mexico's unnecessary dizzying excessive use of colours. Oh my god, I love it so gosh darn much.It makes me so happy.
I would dress mexican every day, no i dont mean I'd dress like a quesadilla. 
I mean me and Frida Kahlo... you wouldn't be able to tell us apart.

THE  original chimmy changa

My New Dream Home
I also really love how when people come back from their nice holidays and tell me how much I would have loved it. Yes, I know I would have loved it, I love going on holidays.


  1. hells yeah frida hipwell!! I think if you visited the floating flower market you would never return... But thats ok, I need a holiday house in mexico. I'm pretty sure your dream casa has a spare beddy for me. su casa mi casa.

  2. you and me both with the Mexican themed clothing, but I've spent a fortune paring down the eyebrow over the years. also beautiful use of adjectives. xxx adis


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