Wednesday, August 31, 2011

flower drum for alannah hill

Maybe ten or more years ago, I went to Melbourne for the weekend. My dad was doing a big aeroplane conference and I was free to roam the streets until dark. Within about 2 hours of being there I had discovered complete happiness in the form of a shop-  Alannah Hill. 
It was kind of like a florist, but instead of flowers they sold clothes, and instead of buckets of water holding flowers it was hundreds of bazillions of sparkly pretty things looking at me.  I looked at every single thing in the shop. Every skirt, every head piece, every bracelet and bralette. I pretty much could have counted how many threads there were in the carpet. I spent a very long time in there. And all this time later, whenever I set foot into any of Alannah Hills stores,  I still feel a crazy rush of toe tapping joy. 
Where am I going with this? WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS?

Your friend, ME... The Flower Drum, was asked to create 40 ever lasting flower bombs to bomb every Alannah Hill store in Australia. So as soon as spring has sprung, dance prance and wiggle your pants to a store to see the flower bombs in action, and pick up something nice for yourself too!
flower bomb went off over night at FD HQ


  1. tooo good!! congrats. always so much floral insipration from the flower drum!

  2. Very exciting! Congrats! Now can you start putting up flower bombs all over San Francisco? ;)



  3. I'll think of you everytime I go in there!!

  4. So pretty Holly, they look amazing! Wish I could say the same about your house! Were all those boxes really there!?

  5. Congratulations! They look wonderful. I'm sure the AH stores will look even better after your floral touch. ;)

  6. I'm her Dad and that trip to Melbourne cost a lot of money. Congratulations sweetness well done Dad

  7. they look amazing Holly, well done. can hardly wait to check them out at Chadstone. xxx