Monday, September 5, 2011

the château

FAFA (flora and fauna anon) club is going into over drive with the arrival of luke and rama and their up doing of the abandoned Château. I went over there to take on a portion of the not so secret garden, and suddenly realised my small arm full of herbs was not going to cut it in the jungle. This is a proper proper project. 
Not just a herb garden project. There are more species of horty culture growing in the garden than the kick flippin botanical gardens garden.

view from the roof top garden. dont worry, I didnt jump

cowboy geisha forgot her workwear, so she was in charge of delegating
luke clocked off about 3 weeks ago

coffee from the onsite octagon coffee beanerium 

flower drum garden tools

Stay tuned for FAFA club updates, and if you ever feel like helping, come to the chateau!

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