Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Bomb Day - Flower GIVEAWAY!

Today The Flower Drum turns one year old! One year ago today, I had the scent of spring inspire me to leap into bloggy world and fill your eyeballs with flower fun. 
Never in my wildest daydreams did I imagine that my outrageously sickly love for flowers would lead to mass flower pollination domination. 
Thank you for coming back to check up on us daily, weekly, monthly, however often you visit.. So to celebrate we are hosting another flower giveaway!

So now i want to give back to you, to say THANK YOU for being such great flower enthusiasts!
I will be giving away a special little Flower Drum "something flowery" prize. 

To go in the running simply comment below with your favourite post featured on the flower drum and tell us why its your favourite . You must be in the Sydney city area, so I can drop them off to you (unless you want dead flowers in the post?) Winner will be announced next friday! And flowers will delivered the following day... Get blooming petals!


  1. Loved the Love Bombs created and featured on The Design Files x

  2. The 'Flower Bomb'ing' segment/mini-series is, without question my favourite. Why? Because in the second photo you look like you're careering through the air about to slam dunk that f-ball into a swift 2 point bucket.

    Unfortunately I can't accept your prize as I'm fatally allergic to pollen, which I'm pretty sure partly comes from flowers, so upon delivery you'll run the risk of being thanked with a sneeze.

  3. I too love your flower bomb fact it is the one that got me onto your blog in the first place!
    However, I would have to say my favorite of your blog post's is the one about our friends Crump and Crumpet. I was at the wedding and it was the first time I saw your flower work "in real life". If only Liv could've kept her bouquet was absolutely beautiful. Well done!

  4. i love your flower drums for alannah post! they are great, and are so noticeably yours!

  5. Ranunculus Ransacker! i nearly peed my pants. ok maybe not. its too hard to decide! dernit. i love em all. I'm not in the sydney area.... I'm in the Brooklyn, Ny area. Teleport it? Just be sure to avoid putting the word bomb anywhere on the packaging... you know how us americans feel about the word bomb. it's like fart, you just don't say it out loud.

  6. Derk Nord Geek the movie.
    It doesn't get any better than that.
    Let's make a 'round 2' of it when you come to bali land!
    Maybe Mylee will stop by on her way home from the states and we will be re-united once again!
    I can't win the prize, but put in me there anyway, and here's a little twist for you...if I win, then YOU get a prize!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love your posts about the flower market. Those guys are real hunks and I'm jealous you get to hang out with them all the time!!

  8. Special Derivery. 28th Feb 2011.
    A Monday post that just made me smile.
    You are snapped riding your bike like it's nobodies business, bunch of blooms in front and the sun is shining and on that day I remember thinking hell yeah thats my kind of Monday.

  9. im all for the flower market guys too...beautiful people behind beautiful flowers lol

  10. I love it when your father writes in.
    Signed Dad

  11. I love it when your father writes in about him writing in.
    I want HIM to deliver me flowers!

    (But if I really have to choose one, I'd say the royal wedding. Had me in a giggling fit.)


  12. Hm, tough one but this is my fav

    Because I think you are a little celery obsessed.