turning japanese

konichiwa bitches!

you will never believe it. NELLA and I are going on hollydays to JAPAN!
we cant speak japanese, and we definitely cant read no kanji! so we need your help! where can we get the most far out unmanageable 3D flower nail art applied and be served dinosaur shaped donuts by a giant hello kitty? how do we end up in a raging karaoke bar with madonna? or hire a segway to ride around on and not accidentally end up in jail?!

so far this is what our hit list looks like- 
Ike banana (traditional flower arranging) 
Shopping (derrrr) its only the most dense shopping jungle EVER
Having our feet attacked and mani pedi'd by fish

if you have any suggestions please comment them below. Best most fun unusual & enjoyable travel tip wins a PRESENT FROM JAPAN! what!!!


  1. i looooove japan so much. if you are in tokyo there is an amazing flea market of stuff outside of the la foret mall. browse in la foret, purchase at the cheaper flea market, haha! and i love the ramen houses where you enter your order in and pay through a vending machine, and then sit at a table until the ramen chef brings you your magically materialized food.


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