Secret SECRET flower tea house

My trip to japan was fun. I walked a lot. I walked so much that I could have walked around the earths belt. Twice. While I was walking, I saw some of the most beautiful little flower shops, and one time, when I kept walking though a flower shop, I ended up inside an outside turned inside flower shoppe tea house. Nearly everything on the menu was in Japanese, except for what I ordered. I ordered a lemon tart, because it was the only thing not written in Japanese. 
 Walking through into secret parts of shops is not uncommon in Tokyo. Another great place to stumble upon is the Forbidden Fruit cafe. After polishing off some wild berry ice cream, pretend you've dropped something really important and collapse to your knees looking for it. When no one is looking, scurry behind the counter and regain your composure as you speed walk down the spiral stairs into the top secret avant-gothic bunker complete with dinosaur size terrarium.


  1. holy crap! Sorry, i just stumbled onto your blog and i must say it is THA BIZ! But the holy crap comment was because im a florist in Melbourne and have just come back from Japan, where I did the same Ikebana class and went to the same tea house, (aaannnd had the same thought about the gerberas) what a kawinki dink! Anyhoooo, I love your blog


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