OHARA beginners school

I'm no ikebana expert, but im pretty sure gerberas weren't used back when ikebana started being the hip happening thing, some 500 years ago. You could only imagine my face after I unwrapped my surprise newspaper covered flowers. 
Gerbs, hydrangea leaves and some other green ferny things. 
"WHAT AM I MEANT TO DO WITH THESE, apart from throw them in the bin?"
I know just like new born babies, all flowers are beautiful blah blah.blah. BUT when it comes to gerberas, im not interested.

Luckily, we were learning some really cool stuff and having a real hoot, one of the guys in our class was a skin specialist, so we were getting dermatology advice while turning and placing things on 30/45 degree angles.
me and  lady sensei matching outfits. still about 60 %  mad about the gerberas
See, just like in the diagram
no gerbs in this book


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