Saturday, December 3, 2011

happy toxic city

Today I have reached new realms of toxicity. 
After a dash to the flower markets with mylee and little hobo tatianna (who incidentally secretly speaks italian and captured the tickers of every flower flinger out there) I came home to get bizzy on some mexicano daisy of the dead style arrangements. Armed and ready on my unfenced balcony I sprayed up some real doozies. whaddaya mean?
My friends at Koch & co have this nifty flower spray paint. whaddaya mean???

So I'm hanging out with creedence clear water revival and mazzy star, and im spraying away in a frenzy of delight, making once was pink- now black and white. Later, im in the chair at the salon bleaching my hair within an inch of its already fragile life. 
Then back home to spray my heart away once more on some more roses I dont like the colour of. (remember here friends, design master spray only changes the colour of flowers, it doesn't turn gerberas into peonies, ok?)

Right now im writing to you, after about.. I don't know, one hundred coffees. The bleach has seeped into my skin and maybe I should have been wearing a mask while spray painting as to prevent me from thinking it might be a good idea to rip the neighbours christmas lights down to decorate my own lounge room. On lighter news, theres a cactus in my kitchen that squirts me with cacti juice every time I try to move it.

ps. cactusii 2 is hugging cactusii 1. cute.

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