Wednesday, December 28, 2011

tip top hydrangea

I love hydrangeas, I love them so much. I would have to say, out of all the flowers that people grow in their garden, hydrangeas are really right up there. The best even. And you know what makes me mad? The fact that I have to buy them. I drive home from work and I see hundreds of their little mophead faces, and they all yell out to me, 
COME AND STEAL US. But I don't, because I would be devastated if somebody did that to me. I don't grow them, so I have to buy them. Sad fact of life.

While I was holidaisy'ing in intertropical melbourne, I was educated on a very tricky trick 
I am going to share it with you. FAFA notebooks at the ready!
Are your cut hydrangeas starting to look a little wilty? 
Do they look the way you do after too many G&T's?
Fill a vase with hot water from the tap, SNIP the stems and pop them into the jacuzzi 
(by jacuzzi, i mean vase) 
Go on do it.. and leave them there. As the water cools to room temp you will notice the flowers looking all schnappy and happy to be alive. Just like you do after a nice hot bath.



  1. Plus dip the heads in water and they love you even more!

  2. Thanks for the hot tip on the hydrangeas! I just got home from work and noticed mine picked from my garden several day ago was looking a little poorly. What a fantastic coincidence I came here and rest your post :)

  3. Hydrangeas are so easy to grow from cuttings and are fairly resilient with neglect. They also grow well in big pots as well as in the ground, in other words there is no excuse to not grow them yourself!