Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A flower bomb for indian bean

I am pretty much flat out addicted to colouring flowers. 
Back in 2005, I had an addiction to hi fives. I just wanted to slam my palm against another with a smile.  I would be walking down the street, and just ask strangers to give me a 
hi five. I needed the hit, and people just ignored me. Since then, Ive had had various short lived addictions.. but nothing quite as serious as this.

For my latest project, I decided to make a custom colour flower bomb. 
Whats that? No spray painting insides?
I says " I do what I want"

Snip Snip. Soak Soak. Make Bomb.
RTG ( ready to go) to my newest fan, Indian Bean. Thats not her name, but I will call her that. Shes only a few days old so she cant tell me that I am wrong. Right?


  1. beautiful bomb Holly, and you look equally gorgeous.