Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MM to HH

This post is dedicated to my new friend Megan Morton. Who is already mad at me, 
and we only just started being friends the other day!
Shes mad because im not blogging enough. "HELLO, IM SORRY."
So to take the pain out of stretching my mind for something to write about, she has already told me what to do. " just do your nail art and how you names her DE NAILZ ladeyyee or whatever it is."
For those of you who dont have instagram, or who do have instagram and dont follow me, you wouldn't know that I have been sporting the best nail art known to human kind. 
This stuff doesnt happen by accident, it happens at a special place I like to call 
*DY NAILZ BAH* (in dee why)
So yes, this has nothing to do with flowers. 

Or maybe it does, because me and the super wow MM have been talking flowers, and we have a project coming up, and you know whatelse. 
you can be a part of it.  
eventually. if you want. 
are you excited?


  1. Cool! You lucky duck, I love MM's book, she definitely is super wow! I would like to be part of it too.......eventually....How Fun!