Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello. I am writing to you from heaven. HYDRANGEA HEAVEN that is.
Can you believe this overgrowing stash attack of mottled mopheads right here? 
Freshly discovered and ready for my picking... If thats ok with you sarah and anna. Is it ok? 

Get on the edge of your seats here girlies (and guy'sies) because you are going to have to wait a little bit, but I can guarantee you will see something fantastic excellent involving one of my top 5 flowers. Its going to be redrunkulous. 


  1. looking forward to seeing the results of your hydrangea exploration. not meaning to be pushy but do you think we could have a "posy of the week" from the pop up shop???? give us all ideas of what to put on the table each week.
    xxx adis from 4seasonsinonedaymelbourne