Friday, February 24, 2012

my top picks

As I promised to you a few weeks ago... Please see below my personal all time superstar favourite flowers. 

I couldn't pick only a Top 5. That would be a torturous decision to make. 
SO - The decision was made like this. 
IF the flower shop was on fire, these would be the flowers I would save.  
The Flower Drum's TOP 8.
(in no particular order)

1. Hydrangea 
2. Freesia
3. Tulip
4. Peony 
5. Gardenia
6. Tuberose
7. Jonquil
8. Sweet pea

NOW TELL ME THIS- what is the best smelling flower EVER?


  1. Finally!!! You tease.
    Gardenia would have to be my fav, but only for the memories that come rushing back whenever I catch their gorgeous scent.

  2. Roses, not a fan but a special friend gave me a small posie from her garden and they smelt divine!

  3. Gardenia. Roses. Jasmine.

    We have a cestrum nocturnum which only blooms at night time and it is HEAVEN.