Monday, March 19, 2012


As part of the whole "taking over the world" mission that I am part way through 
I had to show my face at the Los Angeles flower market, just so they knew that they knew who was boss when the flower drum revolution revolutionized. kidding

I am reporting to you live from the flower markets in Downtown LA. I am here at the moment as part of a wedding spectacular. More about that another time. 
The houses of these flowers are SO BIG. Crossing over 2 blocks are neat stalls held by Ricks and Roberts and Robertas and it seems everything is in season. It is supposedly spring time here, (I've been catching glimpses of snow whizz around the hills)
so anyway we found on offer- ranunculus, freesias, sweet peas, hydrangeas, anemones, tulips and load of other fragrant things in eye blinding colours. i also  crashed into a few cherry blossom branches

On day one, I had with me the bride to be and on day two I had Bronwyn who was my floral assistant and trolley pusher for the day.  We managed to find bronwyn a green card husband and I found everything on my shopping list for the actual wedding.

I was sniffing around this stall here, when a waft of boronia made its way up my nose. 
"No, surely not, they cant be here, they are rarer than ruby sapphires!"  I exclaimed to no one. I followed my nose and finally my nikes hit a bucket full of boronia! And then I found Bronwyn in this flock of orchids. I felt like the queen of the discovery channel.

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  1. you ratbags are making me incredibly jealous. you're just so cool. :) Lauren