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When the newest issue of Yen magazine came out, I went to the newsagent and made the lady cut the bundle of magazines open, I ripped it out of the plastic before I handed over the cash at the counter,I was sending out streams of embarrassing excitement. 
I was really excited to see it. WHY? Because I was in it..
Below you can see all of my special inspirasssi peices and some of my favourite work- 
I think the text is too small for you to read so you just have to go and grab a copy!
Buuut, if you really want to know what it says right now, it basically says 
I REALLY LIKE FLOWERS. you already knew that.


  1. Yes! We spotted you Holly. Right next to my buddy and studio sharing friend Marissa! Nice pics (you even snuck a swear word in there!) xj


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