Let me apologize. OK, IM SORRY. I went all the way to America and flowered my face off for 2 days to help make a very special day even more special, and did I take photos? 
No, not really...

My dear friend Lucy  became Mrs Aaron Rose on the 17th of March. We celebrated with the "Roses" at the home of super awesome outfit wearer and art collector Jeffrey Deitch in 
Los Feliz, LA. I dressed up like a marshmallow and Lucy wore a beautiful dress by Australian lovers - LOVER.  It rained, it snowed, the sun came out and then the moon took over and we danced away in a room that was so beyond totally cool man that I wont bother telling you about it. Luckily there were a few other people taking photos while I was busy not being thrown in the pool. Thanks Rambo Estrada, Terry Richardson and Imogene Barron- Im using your photos. And thank you Lucy and Aaron for letting me share a special day that will be forever remembered. 

The Wedding pt 2 will be posted soon! Keep your toes on!


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