Friday, June 15, 2012

design challenge / life enhancing prize

The Flower Drum is calling out to all budding creatives - 
Heres the plot
Since I no longer shoot lightening out of my eyes (thanks to chongys kindness coaching) 
 its time for a new window display!
And I want a new really awesome amazing so cute and clever shop window design. .

While I may be able to master tying off a bouquet while talking on the phone and drinking a coffee and driving. I CAN NOT come up with fancy type to have printed and decalled or painted onto my window! Thats where you crafty peas come in. If you love fonts more than you love jam on toast and you know how to send emails then you are nearly already the winner. The only rule? Somewhere on the design the text must read-
The Flower Drum
by Holly Hipwell
whatever colour you want, what ever size you want. you can even wear your ugg boots while you design it at home. because the winning design will be either painted on the window by our old school sign writing master, or will be window stickied on by the decal dudes.

The PRIZE- This is the seriously good bit. I mean really good.
The winning design will receive a spot in the next flower bombing class at The School with myself and Megan Morton. No one in the history of the universe has ever given away a prize this good. Have you watched this video? Watch it. 


Competition closes Wednesday 27th of June 2012, all entries to be sent to -


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  2. Hi Holly,

    I am not a graphic designer and don't have a winner font but I do want to say that I think your signage is actually really great as it is. I think you should paint your blog header image on your shop window. I love the hand painted thing and I think it really suits you!

    And that's my 2 cents!