shake rattle and roll

When it rains, it POURS! Im serious. Why wont it stop raining? I am over it.
Over the last few days I have been prepping for a job with Model Co. In the initial planning stages I got carried away.. being overly enthusiastic about everything as I usually I am, I said " Why don't we have hot pink palm trees!!!! " 
I was so excited. HOT PINK PALM TREES!!! WOW. Gosh I am so clever.
In the lead up to the event it would not stop raining. Not even a little bit. 
My only option was to set up an indoor garden graffiti studio. Clever! WRONG.
Hot pink design master spray is not as toxic as regular spray paint, but let me tell you- 
It still makes you go fruit loop. Even with mask. I was jazzing around the house singing under my mask - hippie hippie hoorah by the black lips, sending heaps of text messages as I needed to have many breaks only minutes apart, and I shaked rattled and rolled my way through half a dozen cans of near death experience pink. 
In the end, the job was done and the hot pink palm trees looked totally incredible.

And in true multi tasking spirit, I accidentally managed to make the following hot pink also-

Washing machine, floor, ceiling, kitchen stove, kettle, fridge, my shoes, my hair and my up my nose particles. 


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