Saturday, August 18, 2012

a little madness in spring

I haven't been this up to my elbows in flowers since, well ever. 
I actually feel like if I sneeze, I would blow out jasmine. Seriously. Actually. Really.

Last week I was excited to be called upon once again by the girliest girls at Alannah Hill. This time, they told me they were putting a little madness into spring, 
and I needed to be a part of it. So what happened? 

Imagine -  The Flower Drum versus high tea with the mad hatter for the colour blind. 
Peek a boo posies peeking from cutey patoooty pastel tea cups and rose garlands pouring out from baby baby pink tea pots. All beautifully collided with kilometers of ribbons coloured by the tears of a rainbow (thats acid rain fyi) 

All Alannah Hill windows around Australia and New Zealand have lost the plot. 
Go in now and check it this collaboration. BYO milk.


  1. I would say I love your collection! Of all the pictures you shared I the last one most. Is this store available at Houston, (Texas)? Good Work, Keep it up :)

  2. Perfect! I want those decorations at my wedding day. ups :}

  3. Awesome creativity! It was very cool, I love spring...thanks for sharing...

  4. Hey Holly!
    How are u?
    As usual its a beautiful collection. But don't u think that u need to be in contact with the visitors of your blog?
    It is also time to show some new pictures. So please think about it because ultimately beneficial for u too.

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  6. Loved the way you hanged the flowers. :)