Tuesday, August 28, 2012

sylve awesomeness

I have a new BFF (best friend forever) Her name is Sylve Colless. She is so awesome. 
So awesome infact that when I first saw her, I thought- I want to be friends with this girl, buuuuut Im not going to talk to herShe made me nervous.
She just had double shot awesomeness beaming out of her. 
 And I think I was wearing tap shoes. 
I just felt like it wasn't the right time. You know that feeling?
Well anyway, years have gone by, and now we are friends! Hoorah! 
We spent the day together in The Flower Drum home office (the garden) snapping snaps of snap dragons and then went off to Kimbricki tip in search of wardrobe length pieces of wood. We trespassed our way through some abandoned greenhouses and also emptied out her entire car in fear of being killed by a tarantula. And that was only on our first day of being BFF! Can you hardly wait to hear about our next day out?

snips by me,  snaps by Sylve