free people

I am prettttty excited to show you this interview with the peeps from Free People

Heres a little snippet for all of you rose hunters out there
They asked me how to give the right flowers and I answered-
We know there is a color code to roses…
This is my official unofficial colored rose giving guide:
• Red: I love you. I want to make out with you.
• Yellow: I think you’re awesome, lets be friends.
• White: I think you’re amazing, and I’m amazing too, so let’s be amazing together.
• Light pink: I wanted to give you the sun and the clouds in the sky, but I couldn’t, so this will have to do.
• Orange: I’m secretly in love with you and want to smell your hair, but you don’t know that.

Now go over here and read the whole lot ya'll!


  1. nice blog,, thank you for article.,.

  2. Flowers show our love and feelings!!

  3. The article is telling about the flowers and what they reflect. Great blog

  4. Nice Decoding of flower colors you have shared !! Melbourne florist

  5. Good arrangement of flowers.............


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